Top Tips for Deterring Burglars

Burglar Deterring Alarm Camera One of the best ways of deterring burglars is to demonstrate that your home has active security. Highly visible alarm boxes and/or security cameras that can be seen from the street will act as deterrence before a thief commits themselves to breaking in.

Having good quality locks is a must, since a door, regardless of its sturdiness, is only as secure as its lock. It is advisable to have two different locks on external doors, one latch type lock that will secure the door automatically and a mortise or deadlock that should be used whilst the house is empty and before going to bed at night. Sliding patio doors should be fitted with anti-lift devices along with removable track locks.

Because burglars will take the path of least resistance, it is important to ensure that windows, especially on the ground floor, are kept closed when the home is unoccupied. Ladders should be stored inside a garage or shed. If you do not have a secure place to store them, then they should be protected by a lock and chain. Shrubbery should be trimmed regularly to avoid providing concealment for burglars and branches that might afford access to upper story windows should be cut off.

Deter Burglars from Your Home

Having good external lighting is an excellent deterrence. While motion detecting lighting is popular, it can be triggered by wildlife, or if incorrectly set by passing pedestrians or cars. An alternative option is low energy lighting fitted with photo-electric cells that automatically activate when the daylight level reaches a certain point. An added bonus with this system is that it will activate even if you are away. Although people commonly leave a spare key hidden outside, it is not a wise thing to do. A better option is to leave a key with a trusted neighbor.

If you have a basement it is a good idea to fit sturdy wire screens to the windows, and always leave the basement door locked, this also applies to doors that lead from a garage to the house. The use of timers to switch on and off lights while you are away is recommended. Never leave a light burning constantly since this is a dead giveaway that the premises are empty.

How to Deter Burglars?

Arrange for mail and newspapers to be picked up by a friend or neighbor or canceled for the duration of your absence. If you are getting work done to your car only gives the mechanics the key to the car and supply your business address not your home one. Make sure you do not leave valuables lying in full view. Store jewelry away out of sight since a burglar is less likely to break in if there is little available reward.

Having a dog is a great deterrence but having on simply to protect your property is not a fair thing to do. Having a system that uses recorded barking may also be deployed. Even if the burglar is uncertain about whether you have a dog or not they are less likely to break in just in case. Always keep the doors and windows locked and carefully check identification before allowing anyone into your home.

Light up to Deter Burglars

Do not announce your absence by leaving a message on your answering machine saying you are not home. Leave a message asking for their name and number and that you will get back to them. Even if you have a security burglar alarm system fitted it is important to follow good security practices since an alarm is not a guarantee that you will not be burgled. It simply makes a burglar less likely to choose your property.

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