Very Loud Burglar Alarm Siren

Burglar alarm systems are instrumental in improving the security of ones home and property. They prevent an attacker from breaking into a house. The market is flooded with several brands of home security systems. It is difficult to identify which one is ideal for ones home and property. To select the best home security system it is important to understand what components make up the security systems.

Components of burglar alarm systems

The basic elements that make up a burglar alarm system are the sensors, control panel and siren.

Control Panel: This is often termed as the 'brain' of the system. It houses the processor, the communication modules and the back-up battery. It needs a constant supply of power. It monitors the sensors. When the sensor sends signals to the control panel and the alarm is armed, it sounds the siren. You can select zones that you wish to monitor and free zones that d not need monitoring.

Siren: This is the audible part of the burglar alarm system which is responsible for alerting the home owners about an intrusion. The siren is sounded when it receives a signal from the control panel to do so. The triggering of the sensors alerts the control panel. The siren needs a constant supply of power. It should be installed high up so that it cannot be tampered with. The piercing sound of the siren deters burglars and causes panic.

Sensors: There are different types of sensors that are available in the market. For instance a passive infrared sensor is capable of detecting body heat or movement. There are door or window sensors which can detect the opening and closing of doors or windows. There are shock sensors also which can detect a strike.

Burglar Alarm Siren

More about alarm sirens

Alarm sirens can be installed both on the inside and outside of ones home. When a siren is placed on the inside of ones house it should be placed at a great height. They may be placed in the hallway or the air -vent .Placing the alarm in these areas will let the burglars know that they have violated an alarm system and that they ought to flee.

The units of measurement of sirens are wattage and decibels. A large siren has a minimum decibel of 100 db and a minimum wattage of 30 watts. The louder a siren is the better it is at scaring away burglars.

Need to install sirens

A good security system is one whose presence is announced to outsiders through visible signs. A professionally installed system will have these signs that are effective in deterring burglars from breaking into a house. The burglar alarm siren is very effective in that respect. The loud noise of the siren takes the burglar by surprise and he realizes that he is not alone in the house. This thwarts his expectations of running away with the loot. Although a siren may add to the expenditure on home security, its price is paid a hundred times.

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  1. Paul Napolean, 18. June 2011, 14:54

    I have alarm system good when we close the doors, I am looking for alarm for day time, when suspicious customers approach, just to scare them with hand held buttons, Thank you


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